Sharing notes with students through breakout boards on Knowlounge

You may know that Knowlounge supports multiboards, which are breakout boards for students to have their own space to work in or receive one-on-one tutoring. If you’re not sure how to use multiboards, check out our earlier blog post about how to use them.

Knowlounge has a new feature which allows teachers to share notes or content directly to student’s individual boards. This is handy if you want students to work on certain notes or templates on their own boards.

Note that this differs from the whiteboard question which also pastes content to the whiteboard and can be sent back to the teacher. Sharing notes is purely for copying content to student boards so that they can use it as a reference or as a template to write on.

Using the new feature is super easy. For teachers, simply click the ‘Share Notes with Class’ button in the bottom left corner. You will receive a confirmation message, and once you click okay, anything on your current page including PDFs and images will be pasted on to all students’ individual boards.

Some things you may want to copy over could be worksheets, graph paper, or notes to refer t9 while doing their own work.

Below is what students will see when the teacher shares something. The feature can be used whether students are looking at the main board or their own board. If they are on the main board they will then be transferred to their own board.


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