Using Knowlounge and Know Recorder to give presentations

If you need an easy and free solution to give a presentation online — whether live or recorded — then try out Knowlounge and Know Recorder.

Both platforms support multi-page PDFs and are set up so you can flick through pages easily. However, both work a little differently.  Here is a quick rundown of how you can use them for your next business or school presentation.

Note: If your presentation is in Powerpoint format, then first click Save As, and select PDF as the file type to create a PDF version.

Live Presentations

Giving a live presentation through Knowlounge means that you can show your presentation to other users while streaming your webcam and speaking over it.

Adding PDFs in Knowlounge is easy:

  • Click the PDF icon at the bottom right of side menu, and insert the file from your computer or device.
  • To change pages, use the left and right arrows next to the PDF.
  • The size can be adjusted with the magnifying glass icon in the top left.

Of course, the whiteboard tools can also be used to write over the PDF, and you can even add in other supporting media such as images or YouTube videos.

If you want the audience’s focus off the whiteboard for a minute, simply enlarge your webcam view and this will show your webcam in full screen to other users.

Lastly, don’t forget to use the pointer tools to highlight parts of the presentation. There are three pointer tools: laser pointer, arrow and hand

Recorded Presentations

If you need to make a video of your presentation and record your voice over it, Know Recorder makes it simple from an iPad.

Click the PDF icon and select the file you want to insert from your device or Dropbox. You’ll then have the opportunity to select certain pages to insert, or select all.

By inserting PDFs, Know Recorder automatically creates a new page for each PDF page. The only thing you need to do is make sure that you are happy with the size of the PDF on each page. Depending on the ratio of the document, you may need to adjust the size.

Photo 25-07-2017, 8 34 26 PM

Like Knowlounge, use the different whiteboard and media tools to support your presentation. Know Recorder also has the same three pointers tools too.

One you’re done recording, hit the export button in the bottom left and you have the choice to upload to the app, save to local storage, or export directly to your YouTube channel. This is a great way to upload your presentations to the web with a good quality recording, rather than a hard to see recording of your presentation from the audience.


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