Watch YouTube videos together with Knowlounge

If you want to watch YouTube videos together online with your students, or even just with your friends, Knowlounge is a great platform to do it on.

Simply start up a class and hit the Insert Video button. Copy and paste the YouTube URL into the box and hit import.

You also have the option to import recent videos, or find out more about how Knowlounge works by importing tutorials.

Once you hit play while others are connected, the video will begin for all users. The teacher or person in control can then stop the video when they need to.

While a video is playing, you can continue to talk over it, and use other whiteboard features. Just remember that you can only add one video per page, and if you need to remove one, click the X at the top right of the screen.

We recommend using videos to accompany your learning material, whatever you might be teaching or learning. Upload a video and use it as a guide or reference while working together on problems or explaining concepts.

You can also use it to teach other things like music along with other media or notes.

There are many different ways videos can be used in Knowlounge to teach, learn and just hang out with others. Give it a go and feel free to give any feedback!


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