Give storybooks life with your own voice using Know Recorder

Nothing can replace the specialness of sitting next to your child and reading them a story. While there are a lot of audiobooks out there, kids love to hear their parents read stories more than anyone else, so why not record a story for them to listen to when you’re busy or out of the house?

With Know Recorder you can record your voice over a picture book, or even read text for children to follow. Recording is easy and there are several ways you can do it:

PDF Book – The easiest way to add your book is via a PDF, which can be easily uploaded from your device or Dropbox account. You can multiple page in one go, and deselect any pages you don’t need.

Images – If your book is in image format, or you’ve scanned it in you can uploaded the image. Add the images on each page and don’t forget to resize to fit the whiteboard!

Use your camera – If you don’t have the book in electronic format already, then you can use your device to take photos of each page and add it to your project.  Again, don’t forget to resize your images as needed.

Make your own! –  If you’re a bit of an artist or want to make something special, try drawing your own story with Know Recorders tools. You can use the pencil, shapes and text.

Now, simply record your voice as you normally would when reading the story to your child while ‘turning’ the pages. You can even add text to the story,

Tip: If your story’s illustration is far away from the text, use the snipping tool located at the bottom of the page to copy the text portion and paste it somewhere else on the page. You can resize snips and they will appear on top of any PDFs or images you already have on your page.


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