Using real-time whiteboards in the classroom

Real-time whiteboards aren’t just for remote or online learning, they can be used to improve productivity and the overall learning experience in classrooms too.

Many schools these days have access to a projector connected to a computer, while some also have touch screen monitors. The great thing is that if you’ve already got this equipment, then there is no need to spend money on extra smartboard or teleconferencing facilities that can cost and arm and a leg.

Knowlounge is a real-time collaborative whiteboard platform that can be used right from a browser. Below are some ways to use Knowlounge is your classroom with students.

Using Knowlounge in a classroom environment

While Knowlounge is excellent for online teaching where everyone is in a different location, it can also be useful as a smartboard tool for your class.

Using the platform in your classroom gives you the freedom to not only be more productive, but use multimedia elements and interactive features to bring your lessons to life. In addition to this, you’re always open to collaboration with other teachers and classes!

But why not just use a smartboard?

Not all schools have big budgets, and some will opt for a projector and computer rather than an expensive smartboard. If you’re lucky, your projector may have a cheaper version of a smartboard allows you to control the projector screen through touch. High-definition TVs and giant touch screen monitors are also becoming more prevalent, and all of these can be used together with Knowlounge.

Different ways to use Knowlounge at school

Smartboard tool
As mentioned, the obvious main way it can be used is as a smartboard tool. Simply log in, create a class and use the board how you please. Use the pen tool to write like you would on a normal whiteboard if you have a touch pad or monitor. Alternatively, you can use an iPad as a graphics tablet by connecting to the same class.

The great thing about using Knowlounge as a smartboard tool is you can insert videos and images without distraction, rather than wasting time moving from a standard whiteboard to a screen. Instead of erasing notes, create multiple pages and download all your notes for later.

Use with students for quizzes and project work
If you have a tablet or computer equipped class, Knowlounge can be used as more than just a smartboard. Use it to create instant pop quizzes for students, collect the answers, and then share with the rest of the class. Create multi-choice, short answer or even drawing quizzes. Read more about how to use Knowlounge quizzes in our previous post.

As for project work, students can connect to the teacher’s class and break off into their own whiteboards while completing tasks on their device. These might be collages, research assignments, drawing diagrams or even creating their own illustrated story.

Guest lecturers
Sometimes it’s great to have special guests come and teach classes, but it doesn’t always work when people are located in far off cities. With Knowlounge, you can have guest lecturers teach your class remotely from anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about the guest’s webcam view being tiny, as they can switch between full-screen mode and the whiteboard anytime they like. It can also be used for one teacher to teach multiple classes at once.

Remote connections with sister schools
For something a little more fun, if your school has a sister facility you could have a common board where students from other countries can connect with one another. Using their devices, or the main classroom device, students can leave messages, images and videos to share with friends from around the world.

Check out Knowlounge today on your web browser or iOS.


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